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Here at Young Scholars, we use a school-wide positive behavior system, which we refer to as "OWLS." Our student receive praise and recognition for their hard work and good choices, but they also receive concrete reinforcement in the form of tickets. 

Below are the OWLS expectations, and what each one means:

O- Own Your ​Actions

W- Make WISE Choices

L-Lead the Way

S-Safety First

Our students are encouraged to display the types of behaviors that are essential to becoming good students, and good citizens. When these behaviors are displayed, students are rewarded with tickets, which can be turned in for different prizes. 

Here in our class, we also practice a whole-class system, where students can work as a class to earn pom-pom balls into a jar. When the jar is full, the class earns a reward as a whole, perhaps extra computer time, or maybe a pajama day!




What Are We Working Toward?
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